Raised $40 towards the $580 target.

What am I funding?

This is to fund equipment for a blog that will feature videos of what I am learning in my Medical Laboratory Science classes.  By teaching the subject matter to viewers, I hope to improve my own understanding of the material.

DONATE OVER HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



(You’ll have my undying gratitude and some new nerd stuff to watch!!)

Equipment List:

  • AmScope Trinocular Microscope with 10MP video camera     $580

                  Total: $580

Goals of this project:


  1. Explore the experience of returning to school as an older student.
  2. Engage subscribers with both written and video media
  3. Provide study guide type material to viewers
  4. Raise awareness and (hopefully excitement) about Medical Laboratory Science.


  1. Enhance learning by a) teaching the material and b) reducing procrastination (by invoking deadlines understood by viewers).
  2. Document the undertaking

**If additional funds are raised, they will be used to pay down student loans!**

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